Certified materials and polymers for 3D printing

Carefully selected materials to meet any production need: here are our polymers for 3D printing.

3ntr is the only company on the market that allows you to print multiple polymers simultaneously and without compromise.

Imagine the convenience of 3D printing and full autonomy a rigid polymer box with a soft gasket, or a gear with a real integrated polymer bushing!

3ntr will accompany you in choosing the best solution for your production needs.
Polimero 3d ABS 3ntr


ABS is the most common polymer in 3D printing.

Good surface quality, it can be finished (sandblasted, painted, glued) or co-printed with many other polymers to obtain functional parts.

Polimero 3d ABS ESD+ 3ntr


ABS ESD + is a specific polymer for handling sensitive electronic parts.

If you work with CMOS and other very sensitive electronic devices, ABS ESD + is the 3D printing polymer for you.

Polimero 3D ABS HD 3ntr


ABS HD is the polymer specially created by 3ntr for high speed medical 3D printing .

Biocompatible: ISO 10993 1 USP Class VI. Material approved for food contact EU No 10/2011 and 21 CFR FDA.

Polimero 3D ABS FAST 3ntr


A version of high fluidity ABS, for fast prints and with an excellent surface finish.

With 0.6 or 0.8 nozzles it is possible to achieve reductions in printing times of up to 50%

Polimero PC ABS 3ntr


PC ABS better thermal and impact resistance than ABS.

PC ABS resists hot water, can be metallized , has better chemical and impact resistance.

Polimero PETG 3ntr


PETG is the 3ntr 3D polymer suitable for food contact.

It offers chemical resistance higher than ABS polymer and a excellent surface finish .


ASA is one of the highest quality polymers among 3ntr materials for 3D printing.

Matte, compared to the glossy appearance of ABS, ASA offers chemical resistance and UV resistance.

Polimero 3D Elasto 3ntr


Vibration absorption, gaskets, tool handles, scratch-resistant templates: these are perfect applications for the ELASTO family.

Available in the standard (SH 95A) and soft (SH 85A) version.

Polimero zWAX 3ntr


zWAX is the perfect polymer for obtaining moldings for lost wax casting (investment casting).

With zWAX it is possible to obtain pieces with special metal alloys with highly respectable mechanical characteristics, often denser and more tenacious than those obtained with laser sintering.

Polimero 3D IGLIDUR 3ntr


The anti-friction characteristics of IGLIDUR find perfect application with 3ntr multi-extruder machines.

By molding parts that combine rigid polymers with IGLIDUR, functional parts with incredible performance can be obtained.

Polimero 3D Nylon+ di 3ntr


Nylon + from 3ntr is the ready-made polymer for industrial parts 3D printed.

Nylon + offers thermal, chemical and physical resistance. Ideal for making jigs, poka-yoke and tools.

Polimero 3D GLASS+ 3ntr


GLASS + is a nylon with higher thermal performance , with hollow glass microspheres to produce less dense, stronger and electrically insulating parts.

Excellent in the automotive field.

CARBON+ polimero 3ntr


CARBON + is the 3ntr nylon that uses carbon fibers to reach the peak of mechanical strength and with considerable thermal resistance.

CARBON + polymer excels when you need maximum stiffness, at reasonable prices.

nPOWER polimero 3d 3ntr


nPOWER is a PPS-based polymer compound developed by 3ntr to meet all harsh and aggressive chemical environments.

nPOWER is resistant to all chemical compounds and is also self-extinguishing (UL94 V0): perfect, for example, for battery housings.

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