A2 V4

Additive manufacturing goes big

600 x 300 x 500 mm
Imagine what you could fit in this volume: large parts, or hundred of small ones, all of them at the quality YOU want.

Sturdy, industrial build quality

Made in Italy

Constructed with stainless steel components and resilient manufacturing controls for 24/7 performance.
The A2v4 printers allow you to focus on production, not calibration.

True heated chamber

Active heating

Forget PLA.
This machine prints ABS like no one.
But also ASA, PCABS, PA, TPU, and many more, with minimal or no warping at all.
Constant thermal conditions upt to 90°C, from zero to 500mm altitude!

Liquid cooling

Since 2014

Our printheads are cool.
In any sense – engineered to endure thru week-long print jobs.
Handling any polymer at precise temperatures, for optimal results.

Made with pride in Oleggio, Italy

Fast and precise extruders

Our extruders go from zero to 250°C in 40″.
We build them almost entirely in house – we just buy german thermocouples (temperature sensors).
Speed and precision are needed when you face long, multipolymer prints!
And our machines are fitted with three of them, for unmatched versatility!

Removable trays

Look Ma, no consumables!

Life is too short to fiddle with sprays, films, glues, fragile glass plates…that are giving different shades of disappointment.
Our printing trays need no chemical – just a monthly rub with isopropanol (IPA), and they will serve you for years.
Added bonus: prints are coming off the plate once cooled at room temperature!


You name it, we got it  (probably as standard supply)

Antiabrasion Tungsten carbide nozzles (Kratos)
HEPA-carbon filter, to stop VOC and micron -sized powders.
Soft Polymer Feeder Unit (SPFU) to handle elastomers.
Print server and webcam for remote printer management.
Printer pedestal with integrated dryiers and Uninterruptible Power Supply.

What are you looking for ? Ask us and we will meet your requirement!

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