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the hardest markets


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We do things
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It may seem simplistic, but in the end that's all: we at 3ntr create 3D printers for leading companies on the market and small businesses with ambitious projects and goals.
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professional 3D printers

Our 3D printing systems are developed by teams of Italian engineers and technicians, to offer perfect tools to produce and prototype with maximum safety and freedom of realization.

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Multi-material 3D printing:
polymers for every need

3ntr solutions are the only ones on the market that allow you to print multiple polymers simultaneously and without compromise.

Imagine the convenience of 3D printing a box with a hard polymer with a soft seal, or a gear with an integrated polymer bushing. All in total autonomy.

3D printing materials

Polimeri per la stampa 3D
SSI 3D printer software

Custom software,
results beyond the limits

Designed to give easy access to the sophisticated features of 3ntr systems, our 3D printing software can manage complex printing jobs in a few clicks and in absolute safety.

SSI 3D printer software


They print with 3ntr