Kratos – The definitive nozzle

It’s our final response to all 3D printing applications.

Using a new production process, we have solved the production issues of the previous generation of nozzles (BLISS) – the new nozzles are much more tenacious, impervious at any stress and extremely hard.

What are KRATOS nozzles?

They are the result of 3ntr’s relentless quest for excellence in 3D printing: a sintered tungsten/cobalt carbide that ensures very high long-term performances.
Carefully crafted, they are the best solution for all 3D printing needs.

All the printing tests conducted so far have not shown any dimensional change due to erosion, using very abrasive materials such as PA-CF12%. Months of use have confirmed what metallurgy had foretold: KRATOS nozzles are perfect for any kind of use.

How to compare KRATOS nozzles to other commercial nozzles?

Let’s start with the hardness, which clearly tells us how long we can reasonably expect them to be lasting.

As we can see, except for the ruby (which is slightly harder), nothing comes close: the hardened steel nozzles are three times softer. Brass nozzles are almost twenty times less resistant !

It’s now clear why standard nozzles last few minutes with abrasive polymers!

Now let’s check what speed features we can expect with the KRATOS nozzles.

There is a direct relationship between printing speed and thermal conductivity of the nozzle: as the printing speed increases, the amount of energy that must be transmitted to the polymer to melt it increases; if the extrusion rate is greater than that of the energy that is transmitted to the polymer we have to slow down, otherwise the process will soon become jammed.

Looking at the graph, KRATOS is clearly the best choice, allowing even better printing speeds than brass nozzles (30% faster). The other nozzles are on average three times slower.

Using 3ntr KRATOS nozzles you can print better also with unfilled polymers : the best thermal conductivity of the metal ensures more homogeneous prints, resulting in improved aesthetic and mechanical characteristics.

Nozzles are available in sizes 0.4 / 0.6 / 0.8 mm (2.85 mm)

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