Dry season begins today

Today we release the new line of Vento dryers with Storm multi-unit box, the perfect
combination of solutions to safeguard the optimal performance of the polymer during printing.
Indoor and outdoor humidity negatively affects the aesthetic and functional quality of the printed piece,
the Vento drying units and the Storm containment box have been designed to maximize the quality of the
polymer by dehumidifying it and, thanks to a series of incredible features, to guarantee the best
management of the 3D printing process for a concrete result and an industrial quality.

STORM – The perfect match to 3D printers: it brings together in one elegant package all the functions
necessary for an uninterrupted service. The pack designed by 3ntr can hold up to 3 Vento units, to handle
very high quality productions, a high performance print server with integrated webcam allows you to
control the 3D printer from anywhere.
Storm is easy and safe, thanks to the HEPA / VOC filtering unit, which prevents the dissipation of dust
and fumes in the environment, and the presence of the control unit at the user’s immediate reach.
Furthermore, thanks to the high energy performance, up to 3KvA, the 3D printer and network connections
remain active even in the case of a power failure.

VENTO – Simplicity and effectiveness of natural elements combined with the most efficient control
technologies: this is VENTO, the complete dryer unit.


Built to handle all polymers – except PLA and PETG – with drying profiles designed to achieve maximum results in short time and with less energy waste.

It can use up to 5 kg of rolls for 3D prints without interruption.

It is equipped with an integrated NFC reader, to automatically set the drying parameters, with profiles designed to reduce energy consumption.

Thanks to the 920 W heater, it quickly reaches the drying temperature, with internal parts made of stainless steel to increase performance and durability over time.

Vento does not need consumables, has a low energy impact and reduces waste.
Furthermore, thanks to the ultra-high-performance touch screen, it is possible to monitor the situation in real time and set the parameters by monitoring the 3D printing process.