Selle Royal Group promotes an active lifestyle on the bike with 3ntr printers

The recipe to be more and more competitive in the market ensuring the “maximo gaudio” of its customers is to focus on customization. Selle Royal Group, which has been promoting an active cycling lifestyle for over 50 years, knows this well, with saddles developed on innovation, technology, scientific research and advanced design.

A constant search for the most ergonomic shape, to meet the needs of every cyclist and every type of driving, with removable and customizable top, a process that requires many changes in a short time and the need for reliable support in the realization of each product.

two saddles

“The 3ntr printer works 24/7 up to 70/80h print jobs”

For several years the Selle Royal group has been using 3D printing, the journey has started in the past relying exclusively on external services for the realization  of  saddles, but the need for ever higher performance,the  reduction of engineering time on functional prototypes, has led to the need to insert in the laboratory a proprietary 3D printer. From here to the choice of a 3ntr printer the step was short: “The 3ntr printer works h24 and 7/7 with prints ranging from a few hours up to 70/80 consecutive hours putting together multiple pieces at the same time” – explains GianlucaDi   Claudio, Biomedical Engineer and Product Developer Selle Royal Group– “From the beginning of November2018 to the end of October 2019 we realized, thanks to the 3d 3ntr printer, 254 gcodes (executable files) and these rarely contained a single component. In November 2019 alone we printed about 50 STL.”

saddle parts

Selle Royal Group choose 3ntr mainly because it is an FFF machine with the guarantee of very high performance at a competitive price: this technology allows you to avoid the process of cleaning dust residue from objects, It allows you to reduce the time of realization of the prototype by eliminating any errors that would be difficult to see on screen and offers the ability to print TPU and loaded materials, and even other open materials.

The integration of open systems and the many opportunities for customization thanks to 3D printing open up many new scenarios. If cycling has been mechanical for over 100 years, it is now possible to look to the future: the e-bike is an important step in the development of a new mobility concept and Selle Royal Group, together with 3ntr printers, will develop new specific saddles for e-bikes. An exciting collaboration that helps to spread the use of electric bikes by focusing on increasingly sustainable mobility.