Multi material and multi color in automotive: HTA choose 3ntr

3d printed F1 part

HTA is a leading automotive engineering company. Since 2002 it has been part of prestigious and innovative projects, from the development of the concept to the production of the car, going through the phase of prototyping, testing and reliability.
A company that has been able to innovate thanks to the integration of new technologies that have allowed to achieve perfectly functional and safe results.

Through the use of 3ntr’s A2V4 printers, the HTA team was able to provide functional and demonstrative details in a very short time, compared to the normal standard prototyping processes, thus keeping a good development flow of vehicles and getting not only to comply, but even to anticipate the planned roadmap.

HTA’s main goal was initially to bring to the company a simple and innovative technology, at less-than-exorbitant costs, reliable and that would allow to create high-quality details for use on high-performance prototypal cars .

“Bringing 3ntr 3D printers to the company has allowed us to open up new business opportunities with technology that doesn't require particularly onerous investments, in relation to the extraordinary benefits it offers."
Federico Perra
Additive Manufacturing & Technical Manager at HTA

For a fast-running reality, like HTA it is important to make pieces extremely quickly, often within 24-48 hours! This happens frequently during concept and test validation sessions, when ordering parts made with traditional technologies often does not guarantee delivery as quickly.
Again, the decision to integrate additive manufacturing in the company was taken in order to be able to work independently with very flexible processes, having the freedom to test ideas and design changes in near real time. Not last, being able to offer sophisticated training tools to their technicians who regularly find themselves having to implement innovative solutions in a short time.

Transmission gear

Working with 3ntr A2V4 printers, HTA was able to produce entire car detail kits in a single workflow, slashing the time it took to verify and validate solutions.
Thanks to the ability to print more materials at the same time it was possible to create details for piping, bodywork, interior and exterior finishes, bulkheads and assembly jigs in ABS, PCABS, ASA and PETG. But also many technical pieces in which the peculiarities of elasticity and resistance of the most complex materials such as ELASTO95 and NPOWER have been exploited.

3ntr A2 at work at HTA