Reliable and lasting 3ntr machines – The D&D experience

More and more companies are looking for the right balance between management costs, material quality, stability, durability and ease of use in additive technology.

With these objectives, Design&Develop the footwear creative factory which for several years has used stereolitographic printing technology, has chosen to change course and rely on 3ntr’s FFF systems.

We were looking for a new technology/rapid prototyping machine that met the needs of quality, low cost, ease of use and that lasted over time, so we were very interested in 3ntr

And 3ntr did not disappoint: 3D printers have been able to combine excellent performance with  longevity without time limits, as well as proving to be safe, reliable and easy to use thanks to a running model that can be managed in full autonomy by the departmental technicians.
The heated chamber, diamond tray and open approach with the possibility of using high-performance materials such as elastomers and water-soluble supports, the effective system of technical assistance and direct support managed via ticketed on the web platform, have helped to fully meet the needs of Design&Develop by consolidating an excellent relationship between the factory and the 3ntr technology.

The realization of complex prototypes requires special precautions and a good compromise between speed of execution and costs, in order to be able to break down all any problems and getting quickly to a result aesthetically and functionally perfect.

Design&Develop uses 3ntr’s A2-V3 3D printer to make study models “This allows us to view, preview and manually correct our customers’ products or new ideas without the need to invest in various molds or equipment.” The 3D printer is used in the prototyping of various parts, from boots to ski boots, always allowing a quick performance assessment and helping to ensure a response to the needs of customers without neglecting a research and experimentation component to open up new scenarios and perspectives. A philosophy fully shared by 3ntr.

Machines and materials used by Design&Develop: A2-V3 3D printer, ABS materials, ASA, elasto 95, elasto 85, Carbon+.

We would like to thank Piero Franco, AD Design&Develop and Francesco Ferranti, Head of 3D Development Design&Develop Ltd. for their valuable contribution to case history