Car Air Conditioning system with regulator flap by DENSO

DENSO is a global mobility supplier that develops advanced technology and components for nearly every vehicle make and model on the road today.
In order to produce bi-component, opaque, UV-resistant and elastic parts, DENSO chooses the A2V4 3ntr system: a guarantee.
3ntr meets the stability and thermal capacity requirements, with a cost-saving of over 80% and an increase in production capacity.
To simulate the air flow characteristics of a car air conditioning system, DENSO originally produced a regulator flap using a vacuum casting method. However, this process is too expensive, complex and it takes a long time to obtain the finished product.

Since the regulator flap required two components (robust and flexible) it was necessary to create a two-part prototype.
Subsequently the parts were printed with a silicone mold, at a cost of about €480 per part.
To reduce the cost per part, DENSO has decided to print the components in 3D using FFF technology. One main reason for DENSO to choose the 3ntr A2V4 printer is its ability to print 2 different materials simultaneously, thanks to the 3 nozzles (two for the materials and one for the support).

“We manufacture components for air conditioning systems using the 3ntr A2V4 3D printer. We use the ASA polymer (opaque and UV-resistant) in black and white and the rubbery filament Elasto 85 (soft). The thermal stability is optimal and the machine meets the requirements to our prototypes "

DENSO started using a 2-nozzle printer from another brand, with which a cost reduction per part from € 480 to € 93 could be achieved.
But the real revolution in the production of the two-component was possible thanks to the use of 3ntr printers, which made the process even simpler and cheaper.
With the 3ntr 3-nozzle FFF 3D printer, DENSO was able to create two different components in a single printing process, reducing the cost per part by 8 times (from € 480 to € 59)
DENSO is very positive about the use of additive technology, particularly with regard to 3ntr industrial grade systems.