Investing in competitiveness: 3ntr additive systems

XForm is an international industrial design, rendering and prototyping studio with offices in Italy and Shanghai.

With a wealth of expertise developed and consolidated over 20 years of profitable activity, XForm develops technical-stylistic concepts for brands such as Maserati, Audi, Ducati, Fiat, Bosch and Hitachi and deployed 3ntr professional 3D printers since 2017, for the development and proposition of its projects.

"We were looking for a large-format professional 3D printer to make 1:1 scale prototypes of our projects, these prerogatives led us to the search for reliable and established 3D technology, high industrial grade and truly competitive"

3d printed part

Having clear the goal and following the analysis of the additive market, XForm focuses on 3ntr systems.

XForm’s knowledge of additive technologies is consolidated over several years through the use of several 3D printers, however, with the purchase of 3ntr professional systems XForm immediately rediscovers the satisfaction of presenting its projects by combining print quality, accessibility and competitiveness, adding additional weight and value to their work.

"I was convinced of the validity of the project and the advantage it would quickly bring us, even in economic terms.”

3d printed part

"150 hours of non-stop printing, multi-material and large format: 3ntr's professional 3D printers opened up a new world"

The large size of the A2 printing plate and the ability to print three different materials at the same time opened up new perspectives in terms of aesthetics and product performance.

A single detail can be composed of different polymers, for colors and/or performance.

The OPEN feature of 3ntr technology makes it easy to configure processes and systems in relation to the level of precision that printing requires.

All these features, in addition to the reliability of the printing system (no-stop 24/7) has allowed XForm to create in-house prototypes of large format, geometrically and aesthetically perfect, fundamental to propose and validate projects .

"Being able to produce internally with 3ntr printing, guarantees us an important reduction in time, cost and allows us to intervene to the last on the prints. We do not neglect the very great mechanical resistance of the 3ntr materials that, together with the SSI software and of course the printer, gave us the opportunity to analyze complex parameters up to the structural characteristics of the finished projects, allowing us to insert weights up to 25 kg".



The new design project for a high-pressure hydro-cleaning machine involved the creation of a high-performance portable product, a compact and heavy machine.

The aim of the project was to create a product that was as aesthetic as it was durable and balanced that would combining aesthetic qualities with studies of ergonomics and capacity.

To verify the characteristics of this product, all the components have been prototyped and assembled, including accessories, engine and pump, finally validating center of gravity and ergonomics.

The 3ntr professional 3D printer in the company has made it possible to carry out the analysis in a few days at a very low cost, compared to the possible use of external services, thus ensuring privacy, competitiveness and complete control of the project with maximum versatility


Distributor 386 is the 1:1 scale project built for an atomizer, a liquid spraying device mounted on agricultural tank machines.

The goal was complex, to create a prototype with dimensions and movements comparable to the real model in order to verify its balance and installation.

Again, the challenge was won thanks to 3ntr professional 3D printer, which allowed the verification in a very short time of compatibility/assembly between the CAD-designed parts and the clearance and usability requirements of the final model.

Thank you for the valuable contribution, XForm team !