Industrial mechanics and reliable 3D printers: 1PRIM3D grows thanks to 3ntr systems

1Prim3D is the French service bureau that only uses 3ntr 3D printing systems. Since 2016 1Prim3D has been operating in the design, rapid prototyping and production for the world of industrial mechanics, as one of the most qualified services in France.

With a machinery completely made up of 3ntr systems, the service has recorded significant growth for the benefit of its customers, meeting all market needs, with reduced delivery times and always perfect results, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

β€œThe offer of 1Prim3D focuses on industrial production, with the need to print prototypes and functional elements of both large dimensions and small parts. For their versatility, the guarantee of results in the multi-printing of different polymers, the different printing volumes, the reliability, and the continuous operation 24/7, we have chosen to use the professional 3D printers of 3ntr, being able to satisfy every request from our customers” – explains Laurent Berthiot, CEO of 1Prim3D – “The 3D printers of 3ntr have reduced the processing times of 1Prim3D up to 3 times compared to traditional methods, such as injection molding, reaching to guarantee deliveries within a single working day. The savings we have achieved in terms of costs are also incredible: thanks to these systems, customer quotes are reduced by a third compared to the use of other technologies!β€œ

Dettaglio di stampa ottenuta con A4v4 di 3ntr
A print detail obtained with an A4v4 3ntr printer

Supporting the customers and guiding them to have confidence in additive manufacturing is one of the guarantees that 1Prim3D offers, thanks to a more versatile production comparing to the competitors and thanks to the reduction of time and economic impact obtained using 3ntr systems.

By sharing the 3D printing experience with other professionals, we understood the importance and the great advantage we had in choosing the right 3D printers from the very beginning” – confirms Laurent Berthiot.

Un dettaglio della stampa 3D con stampanti 3ntr

Reliable 3d printers

1Prim3D is transversal to multiple production sectors. In addition to mechanics, it works in the world of packaging, accessories and design, realties that therefore need the reliability of plastic parts of various sizes, resistant and with good aesthetic properties. For example, we move from the construction of containers to mechanical systems, up to the production of molds for products dedicated to personal care.

The machinery consisting exclusively of 3ntr 3D printers also guarantees maximum homogeneity in results and delivery times even in the case of large volumes, thanks to the uniformity of the industrial additive manufacturing systems in the laboratory.

Productivity and rapid prototyping for the industrial mechanics market require the use of 3D printing systems that are more performing than the common solutions on the market and the collaboration between the 1Prim3D service and the Italian 3ntr represents one of the most successful examples, with a stable and lasting relationship that makes 1Prim3D one of the most interesting realities in the panorama of 3D printing services.

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