The white paper by 3ntr and HTA Proto that certifies the advantages of 3D printing in the industrial sector

We are pleased to present the first white paper created in collaboration with one of our customers: HTA Proto, an engineering company leader in the automotive market, which has been using 3ntr 3D printing systems for a long time.

Industrial grade 3ntr printers

The purpose of this document is to certify the advantages that our 3D printers bring to the industrial sector, with particular attention to sectors involving metal sheet forming and 3D printing technologies. There you will find technical information relating to the industrial sector and the implementation of additive manufacturing in production processes.

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Advantages of 3D printing for manufacturing

As it is well known, 3D printing and our industrial-level professional printers bring great advantages, from various points of view, among which the following stand out:

  • reduction of production times
  • cost reduction
  • efficiency of production processes

These advantages become even more evident when AfAM (Adaptation for AM) and DfAM (Design for AM) approaches are adapted to traditional manufacturing.

The white paper also is useful to show – through the description of specific case studies – the effectiveness of 3ntr 3D printers in industrial applications.

Additive manufacturing: the present and the future of industry

Additive manufacturing applications are intended to be an integral part of the production processes of every company – present and future – in the areas of production, engineering or design, without market constraints.

This is because 3D printing makes normal activities simpler, faster, more efficient, reducing costs compared to traditional workshop approaches.

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3ntr approach: flexibility in industrial production

For customization or mass production, the realization of a product includes:

  • the study of the product itself
  • the identification of the equipment necessary to produce it
  • knowledge of demand curves
  • the calculation of the cost of each phase of the product life cycle
  • continuous monitoring of market demand

The 3ntr approach, through the application of HTA Proto, demonstrates how these phases can be faced in a more effective and flexible way.

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