3D printing by 3ntr: trendy, catwalk-proof

Today we want to share with you a story of models who parade , on the catwalks all over the world. A story that speaks of beauty but also of technology and research.

We will describe the technology that makes it possible to prototype the heels of what will become very elegant shoes, of the most renowned high fashion brands. We will write of materials that make it possible to create objects that are useful for design, but also capable of withstanding stress (the mechanical one, but also what only the fashion catwalks can generate).

In short, we will tell you about Tacchificio C.B.R. Tacstile, about 3D printing systems integrated in the prototyping processes and about how 3ntr has managed to improve the quality of the prototypes made, significantly reducing the costs of the materials used.

A dialogue between fashion and 3D printing

It all began with the meeting between Emanuele D’Addario, Global Channel Director of 3ntr,  and Michele Chiauzzi, CAD Pattern Maker of C.B.R. Tacstile. It is Chiauzzi himself who briefly tells us about the history of the Tacchificio and what their needs were:

«Tacchificio Tacstile was born in the Seventies from the artisan knowledge of people who, over the years, have been able to follow the growth of technology. Tacstile is a brand that has grown to serve international brands with the production of bottoms and heels for shoes. In particular, we produce for the world of high fashion. Our need was to integrate even more innovative technologies, which would allow us to create low-cost prototypes, to inspire us and then proceed with the actual production, with molds and presses with plastic initiation. We were already aware of the world of 3D printing which, however, had too high costs for us and results that were not always up to our expectations … ».

From the meeting with 3ntr a dialogue was born which led to the identification of the most suitable solutions. Chiauzzi, in fact, adds:

“After getting to know 3ntr and its solutions for 3D printing, we realized that we can greatly reduce the cost of prototyping and, although production times are slightly slower than other solutions, the savings and quality of the prototype they are unbeatable. “

Then we asked Chiuzzi to provide us with some numbers, to give concrete and measurable examples to the readers of our blog and to companies interested in learning more about the world of 3D printing:

“As for the materials – he replied – the ABS polymer proposed by 3ntr has a lower cost of 85% compared to the material we used previously. From the point of view of performance, the success rate, with 3ntr machines, is 100%.».

Regarding the 3D printers used, Chiauzzi added:

«Tacstile is employing two A4 printers that work 12 hours a night, producing more than 10 prototypes of footwear a night!».

An interesting fact, which shows how the introduction of a 3D printer, within the standard prototyping and production processes, can bring undoubted advantages in terms of savings, not only as regards the cost of the material, but also because 3D printing is: 

  • precise (errors are made, therefore material waste is reduced)
  • allows greater customization
  • offers unparalleled versatility compared to traditional production systems (such as, for example, injection molding).
3D components: Prêt-à-porter performance

For Tacstile, however, the 3D printing of prototypes of heels and shoes didn’t mean only a significant saving on materials. Mr. Chiauzzi, in fact, has repeatedly mentioned the quality of the prototypes made, which met all expectations and, indeed, proved to be very performing even during the “road tests” or, we should say, “catwalk shows” .

Among the various advantages found, Chiauzzi points out how prototypes of 3D printed shoe heels can be used in fashion shows, because they support walking and withstand mechanical stress. Furthermore, they can create bi-material prototypes (at much lower costs than what would happen with other methodologies), exploring a wide range of solutions: from the heel to the wedge, up to the stiletto heel.

Tacstile, however, has not limited itself to footwear, using 3ntr 3D printers in the production of accessories and other components in the sector.

Because – you know – fashions pass, sometimes even very suddenly. While high fashion, as well as the values of reliability, quality and professionalism, in which we deeply believe, are here to stay. Unchanged, show after show.

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