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The construction world chooses 3D printing

When you think of the world of construction, bricks, concrete and scaffolding come to mind. One would hardly think, at least at first glance, of the large amount of plastic materials used in the construction market.

Still, Dakota Group knows how important plastic products are for this industry. And, thanks to 3ntr, it now also knows how beneficial 3D printing can be.
Engineer Brentegani told us about applications and advantages of 3D printing in the construction world, from the Research and Development Office of Dakota Group S.a.s.

Why does construction choose 3D printing?

Surely there are two factors that, more than others, push many companies to approach 3D printing: a general reduction in raw material costs and savings deriving from the reduction in production times of prototypes and components.


Yet, these were not the only reasons that led Dakota Group to choose 3ntr’s additive manufacturing solutions:

«We already knew the world of 3D printing. Our need to print large articles led us to the 3ntr brand, thanks to which we were able to satisfy our needs. The choice fell on the A2V4, which allows us to print large and complex monobloc pieces. Thanks to the solution proposed by 3ntr we were able to contain costs. I’m not just talking about the costs of ABS – the polymer with which we make our building products – but also those related to times which, thanks to the speed of the machine, have been significantly reduced!»

Additive manufacturing: ideas to be touched by hand

Another side that should not be underestimated, when bringing additive manufacturing technology into the company, is the incredible advantage generated in terms of prototyping and designing specific items and products for the construction market. Think, for example, of the wide range of items that Dakota offers such as, for example:

• Products for the collection of rainwater, processing waters, external and internal canalizations.
• Articles for roofs and, in particular, dedicated to the protection and drainage of rainwater from the roof.
• Outlets, drips and other specific items for laying outdoor floating floors, as well as spacers and levelers for laying indoor tiles.
• Special anchors for thermal insulation systems.
• Section dedicated to Construction Site Preparation and Individual Protection. Specific items in the visibility, signage, protection and use of construction site areas and workers.
• Subplates, terminal covers, safety iron cod covers.

«3D printing has helped us in the creation of new items and in the restyling of products already in the catalog. Thanks to the mix of speed and low costs, we can create 3D prototypes to be touched by hand: an incredible advantage compared to a purely theoretical design phase, based solely on three-dimensional drawings and models.», Continues the manager of Dakota.

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3D printing in construction: a growing market

Additive manufacturing is bringing many benefits to the construction market. In particular, there was a growth trend of 3D printing in the construction market equal to + 29.6% (according to 2019 estimates provided by IDC, a market research company). This also happens because the very concept of 3D printing has evolved and, thus, FDM technology has gone from being used for the production of plastics to integration “on site”, as a solution for prototyping.

The reasons that led Dakota Group to choose 3ntr, on the other hand, have been summarized as follows:

«The reason is the speed… but I’m not just referring to the speed of the A2V2. In fact, we were also very satisfied with the speed of 3ntr assistance, which should not be underestimated!»

Words that we welcome with great satisfaction, because they underline how great is the commitment – ours and our resellers – in configuring ourselves as strategic partners, not only from the hardware point of view, but also with regard to slicing software and, of course , consultancy and support for everything related to the complex and fascinating world of additive manufacturing.

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