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From industry, to workshop, to 3D service: 3ntr’s 3D printers adapt to the shape of needs

3D printing is now globally recognized for features such as flexibility and versatility. Qualities that combined with entrepreneurial initiative and creativity can give life to something original and different.

This is certainly the case of the FCS Carrelli, which thanks to additive manufacturing has been able to offer its customers something new. FCS Carrelli is a versatile reality that deals with the production of industrial trolleys for sliding doors, awnings and related components. The experience gained, combined with a passion and a strong interest in 3D printing led the owner Alessandro Romagnoli to purchase a professional 3D printer A4, a desktop multi-extruder system for research and production, by 3ntr.

Stampa 3D industriale 3ntr

At the basis of this choice is the desire to offer, alongside our main activity, an additional service for all rapid prototyping needs, with the possibility of 3D printing, starting from our reality, which is aimed at a audience of users much wider than our regular customers “. – Explains A. Romagnoli -” Our rapid prototyping service ranges from sectors such as model making to the creation of functional prototypes for installation, which will be made by injection molding, such as in the racing world of cars and motorcycles. We also do not neglect a very interesting area such as that of the construction of protective covers in the electrical and electronic field“.

Parte stampata in 3D con stampante 3ntr
Parte stampata in 3D da stampante 3ntr

Particular needs that prompted Alessandro Romagnoli to focus on the A4 printer: “The decision to bring a 3ntr printer in-house is mainly due to the need to create prototypes with accurate precision and repeatability. Furthermore, the possibility of printing quality technical materials without problems is a not indifferent plus that allows us to satisfy the most varied needs”.

Opportunities, those obtained by FCS Carrelli and by the creative mind of Alessandro Romagnoli, which only 3ntr additive manufacturing and solutions have been able to offer.

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