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Industrial consulting and design have a new ally: the 3D printing of 3ntr

Offering industrial consultancy is an increasingly complex and articulated challenge. To understand the customer’s needs and look for the best possible solution, countless skills and abilities are needed. Even the tools used to obtain the desired result are really important now and there is no more versatile technology than additive manufacturing to be able to reach the goal quickly and at low cost.

To stay alongside companies it is essential to be innovative and far-sighted, characteristics that are not lacking in the French company SAZ 3D Consulting, which deals with engineering and industrial consultancy. To offer design services, development of new industrial projects and above all rapid prototyping, the constant use of 3D printing is a fundamental factor.

Stampe 3D 3ntr SAZ 3dD Consulting
Stampaggi 3D 3ntr SAZ 3dD Consulting

To satisfy the multiple requests, coming from customers belonging to the most different sectors (mechanics, packaging, pharmaceuticals, automotive and much more), SAZ 3D Consulting has decided to focus on Made in Italy, with the 3ntr A2V4 professional 3D printerThe quality of the large format machine (600x325x500) fully satisfied the French company: “The A2V4 printer is easy to use, has an XXL work surface and a wide choice of printable materials including ASA, PC, TPU and Carbon , as well as being made with high quality components” – explains Samir Azdig Industrial Project Consultant of SAZ 3D Consulting – “We chose 3ntr after careful analysis and this printer has shown that it can offer something different than its competitors. In particular in the field of rapid prototyping, it allows us to obtain complex parts, in different materials, in a very short time”.

There are many possible examples of use that have also responded to very particular needs: “We have created monolithic body elements of large dimensions, for a new and rapidly growing market such as that of parts for the restoration of collectible objects, cars and motorcycles. We have a customer, based in the Paris area, specialized in the renewal of motorcycles of the Suzuki GSXR collection from 1985 to 1995. We produce for him all the missing and now unavailable parts on the European market: carburetor caps, headlight brackets, side panels and monohull faceplates”.

Dettaglio stampa 3D 3ntr SAZ 3D Consulting
Parte automobile stampata in 3D

In the sector of functional prototypes and pre-series, the versatility of additive manufacturing is an added value for companies such as SAZ 3D Consulting: “We deal with consultancy on industrial projects and customer requests come from various sectors: industrial, mechanical, aerospace and medical. Each project imposes specific constraints and requires different materials. Some parts in the past required several operations on multiple machines to be produced, others were simply impossible to make with traditional technologies. Thanks to 3ntr’s A2V4 printer, we no longer need to use different machinery and we can create components with complex shapes in multi-material”.

3D printing is confirmed as a fundamental and essential tool for responding to the complex challenges of industrial consultancy and with 3ntr’s Made in Italy there are no limits.

Dettaglio stampa 3D 3nrt
Dettaglio stampa 3D 3nrt A2v4

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