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The mechanical workshop of the future and 3D

A mechanical workshop finds an innovative way to meet the technological demands of the market, broadens its horizons and enters the world of additive manufacturing to offer design and prototyping solutions for components for industrial machines.

This article is dedicated to the meeting between the world of mechanical workshops and 3ntr FDM solutions or, more precisely, between Elettromeccanica Biagioli and A2v4 3D printers, used for the production and prototyping of components for companies and industries, with materials such as Elasto, Carbon and ABS. We will tell you how this company provides technical rescue services, in particular, for the repair and assistance on large industrial machines.

Additive manufacturing in Elettromeccanica Biagioli

Elettromeccanica Biagioli deals with mechanical processing and has a workshop equipped for the construction, supply and assembly of components and industrial machinery.

To understand how additive manufacturing technologies and 3D printing have been implemented in the company, we spoke with Giuseppe Biagioli, owner, as well as designer and prototype maker.

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Complex components: the solution is 3D

To understand the value that 3D printing has brought to reality like Elettromeccanica Biagioli, we need to start understanding what the company’s objectives were, and what obstacles encountered along the way.

«One of our objectives was certainly to meet the new technological demands of the market. – Explains Mr. Biagioli – And, then, there was the need to develop new technologies to meet the revolution that the advent of digital technologies is bringing, even in our business. Finally, we have chosen to explore the world of 3D printing and additive manufacturing to acquire new business opportunities, expanding our offer, to differentiate it from a typical mechanical workshop.

The Nido 3D Printing company has supported us at every stage of the process by helping us to identify and implement the most appropriate 3D printing technology for our context, this has allowed us to overcome various obstacles in Elettromeccanica Biagioli:

«From the point of view of production, the realization of complex shapes was particularly difficult (if not impossible) with the use of 3-axis machines or with classic CNCs. Thanks to the 3ntr A2v4 printer, on the other hand, we can create very complicated prototypes and components from a design point of view, with competitive costs.

What makes it possible to satisfy many of the most complex requests coming – explained Mr. Biagioli – is the particular configuration of 3ntr’s 3D printers, equipped with 3 extruders that allow multi-material printing and the use of modern polymers, including Elasto: a resistant and flexible material, which has proved to be ideal for some of the applications requests.

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Additive manufacturing for the mechanical workshop

Let’s see in more detail which technical solutions have brought A2v4 3D printers to Elettromeccanica Biagioli and which realizations have made possible the Fused Deposition Modeling of mechanical parts and components for the industry.

«It certainly allowed us to create parts with only one placement of the piece, even in the presence of complex shapes and flexible materials, thanks to the use of Elasto 85.», explains Mr. Biagioli, who later lists, among the work performed, the following:

Thanks to the 3D printer of 3ntr we have created functional details, such as the dowels for the engine movement joints and adapters for companies producing forestry and agricultural tires“.

Another of the great advantages of 3D printing consists in the possibility of “bringing back to life”, thanks to reverse engineering, components and mechanical parts that are no longer in the catalog:

With 3ntr’s A2v4 we have also been able to help some industrial paper mills, reproducing parts of machinery that have gone out of production for them.

3D printing, however, is also about versatility. In fact, what can be achieved with a 3ntr printer ranges from the automotive to the medical sector, from taps … to food packaging and coffee machines: “For an important Italian company producing coffee machines we have created ducts for capsules“.

Furthermore, we can now create prototypes and components on request, either starting from a file sent directly by the customer, or through reverse engineering and three-dimensional scanning of an existing piece“.

The mechanical workshop becomes 3D

The history of Elettromeccanica Biagioli represents the evolution of the mechanical workshop which, by embracing additive manufacturing and bringing 3ntr printers into production, is able to meet new market demands and exploit new business opportunities, also thanks to the use of different polymers available, with exceptional properties.

Also because, as we have seen, 3D printers allow you to produce even very complex components and prototypes, with accuracy, at costs significantly lower than those that would be incurred using 3-axis machines or CNC machines without specific, advanced technologies which, however , would be much more expensive than 3D solutions.

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