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Lower costs and faster production: Master Solutions’ success in motorcycling and beyond, thanks to 3ntr

Goal was clear from the outset: to find a 3D printer capable of matching production costs with product quality. Talks between industry experts did the rest, allowing Master Solutions to discover the quality of 3ntr’s made in Italy technology and its A2v3 3D printer. A system that turned out to be a real revelation, through which it was easy to understand how even the most standard materials, such as ABS, were incredibly enhanced by this additive technology.

Stampa 3d Master Solution con 3ntr
Stampa 3d Master Solution con 3ntr

3D printing in house: details make the difference

3D printing has boundless prospects. The concept has now been accepted by companies and today the details make all the difference.

An emblematic example is Master Solutions, a service bureau active in the design, engineering, prototyping and production of products for various applications. “Our goal – are the words of A. Ferrante, Managing Director – was to find a system that could keep production costs down without sacrificing product quality. Of all the solutions screened, 3ntr’s A2v3 3D printer immediately emerged as the best. We have been using 3ntr’s services for five years with great satisfaction. The ratio between the variety of printable materials, the size of the print bed and the cost of the machine itself left no doubt. Personally I have been working in the industry since 2008, almost fifteen years, and I can say that all choices are conscious and in our business nothing can be left to chance.

The introduction of 3ntr’s A2v3 3D printer into the company was a decisive action, both in the improvement of design verification and in the optimisation of parts assembly practices, particularly for a major customer in the motorbike sector, an area where design and safety run alongside strength and functionality.

Componente stampato in 3d da Master Solution

Quick turnaround and simple operation

Our customers – continues Ferrante – had, in this specific case related to the development of an application for motorbike use, the need to evaluate the goodness of their designs, while at the same time obtaining functional models to show. More generally, our customers require support both in the design phase and in the practical creation of models. The latter are then adapted to the specific requirement both from the mechanical point of view and from that of feasibility, through the choice of a specific technology for their realisation. Finally, of course, comes production, which, thanks to 3ntr systems, results for us and our customers in absolutely respected and indeed speeded-up times.”.

Stampa 3d 3ntr A2 da Master Solution

The speed of both testing and realisation, achieved through the use of 3ntr’s A2v3 3D printer, together with the ease of use and handling of the machine and the SSI preparation software, indispensable tools, brought the extra gear that the company needed.

Ferrante concludes: “Lastly, I would again emphasise the low production costs, a detail not taken for granted these days. This improves everything: productivity and revenue. If we had gone down the traditional route, in addition to the very high tooling costs (when only one model needed to be made) we would have been forced to calculate production times in whole months. We would have taken risks, jumping into complex projects without the necessary checks”. 

Dangers averted thanks to constant collaboration with 3ntr additive systems. 

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