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A4v4: made in Italy 3D printer by 3ntr that allows you to develop

It happens that a simple piece of advice allows you to turn.

Thus, through word of mouth and the exchange of (positive) opinions, A&G Srl came into contact with the made-in-Italy technology of 3ntr 3D printers, and since June 2022 has been using our brand’s additive solutions for any production requirement: final and functional parts, design objects, fittings, test jigs and more.  The company, based in Racconigi (CN), has been involved in industrial production in various areas of precision mechanics at advanced technological levels since the early 1980s, with a particular skill in the machining of parts belonging to the automotive sector and today a productive and functionally advanced service.

A&G srl boasts a production capacity of 15 million parts per year, which has been further expanded both in number and application areas since the introduction, in house, of the 3ntr 3D printer.

A4v4 | 3ntr
A4v4 | 3ntr

Many materials, one standard of made in Italy quality 

The 3D printer we chose – explains L. An., responsible for 3D prototyping at A&G Srl – is 3ntr’s A4v4, a compact, desktop-sized additive solution capable of printing a wide variety of polymers such as ABS, PETG, PLA, nPOWER, ZWAX, CARBON, TPU and more, always guaranteeing excellent dimensional stability. The suggestion I received regarding this machine turned out to be extremely correct: in addition to the print quality, (and consequently an improvement in the quality of the products obtained) I was immediately familiar with the use of the 3D printer and I appreciated the versatility in handling different materials without ever lowering the standard. I was already familiar with the world of additive manufacturing, but the seriousness of the company and the fact that this printer is 100% made in Italy have never made me regret my choice”. 

Maybe one day he will be able to relate his own experience to help the development of other productive enterprises, just as is happening in this testimony!

We are particularly proud of our A4v4: an additive solution encased in a compact 3D printer, suitable for an infinite number of environments, from large factories to small laboratories to school desks. A true ‘little gem’ of the 3D industry, it pays for itself quickly, offers endless opportunities for research, experimentation and final production and, with proper maintenance, has an almost eternal lifespan.

A4v4 | 3ntr
A4v4 | 3ntr

Complex geometries, simple use

One of the primary benefits that A&G srl has noticed within its own production is in the possibility of being able to quickly obtain even parts with complex geometries, thanks also to the intuitive use of the machine. “Using 3ntr’s A4v4 3D printer is very easy,” concludes L.A., who also finds the use of 3ntr’s SSI preparation software very useful.

For this long-established and already strongly established company, the introduction of the new technology has led to an improvement in productivity with a consequent increase in revenues. We can really say it: sometimes, in order to grow again after so long, it is enough to understand the immense potential of a new ‘small’ solution. Often the turning point can come from a simple suggestion, as it was for A&G srl, a piece of advice can really give a decisive boost. 

A4v4 | 3ntr

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