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ORCA eTec: 3ntr’s large-format industrial 3D printing for a real competitive advantage

To be able to aim for an increasingly conscious use of additive technology, it is necessary to accept the most complex challenges thrown down by the market. 

A vision fully espoused by the French company Orca eTec, which supports companies in the design and printing of parts and components for complex fields such as automotive, aeronautics, tooling and oil and gas.

 A2v4 3D printer: a quality step forward

To make the ultimate quantum leap, the service company headed by Alain Duluard decided to focus on 3ntr’s A2v4 large-format 3D printer. A 3D printer with a print volume of 600x325x500 mm is the ideal tool for both prototyping large components and limited series production of many small parts.

With the induction of the A2v4 3D printer, as of May 2022 Orca eTec is able to respond to a much broader range of needs while fully satisfying its customers. “We are very happy with the choice we have made because now we can really satisfy many more companies – the words of the president of Orca eTec – 3ntr’s 3D printers are robust and reliable; they offer software solutions for integrated 3D printing with a very intuitive interface and the possibility to monitor the process remotely. We found the company on web and from the first contacts made a very good impression. From the very first uses, we noticed precision, quality, process repeatability and above all great ease of use. Add to this the very large print tray and it is all too easy to understand why we chose them”. 

A2v4 | 3ntr
A2v4 | 3ntr
A2v4 | 3ntr

Ultra-fast functional prototypes

Flexibility and speed in responding to a need are characteristics that allow additive technology to make a difference compared to traditional technologies. “For many of our customers, timing is a key factor – continues Alain Duluard – thanks to 3D printing, we are able to deliver functional prototypes and small series within a few days as opposed to waiting weeks with traditional technologies. It should be emphasised that thanks to a high-performance printer like the A2v4 for specific parts and geometries we are also able to offer significant cost savings compared to both CNC machining and injection moulding. We routinely produce large casings, covers and holders without any problems and with clear savings in terms of both time and costs”.

A2v4 | 3ntr
A2v4 | 3ntr

Technical materials and high-performance polymers also for large format

The possibility of partnering with companies for the prototyping and production of customised tooling, housings and components grows as the portfolio of available technical materials expands: “The performance of polymers such as ABS and ABS ESD, which we routinely use, is truly optimal from both a mechanical and aesthetic point of view” – Alain Duluard concludes – “In addition, thanks to the A2v4 3D printer, we can also print technical materials for large parts without any problems. Offering our customers 3D prints in ASA, PCABS, PA or TPU without any size-related problems gives us a great competitive advantage over our competitors.“. 

Having reliable partners to deal with the digital and additive transition is a key point for achieving increasingly functional and conscious 3D printing.

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