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4Type and 3ntr: what is a service bureaux looking for in a 3D printer?

The 3D printing service bureaux from Valdagno, Italy, talks about the scaling possibilities of its production since it introduced 3ntr 3D printers.

How important is it to choose the right 3D printer with the right technology for a service bureaux?

Essential, of course.

Therefore, the story that an industrial service such as 4Type tells, with regard to 3ntr’s 3D printers, has the essential and specific value of field experience. 4Type is particularly involved in the production of prototypes and final parts for the most diverse product categories, from mechanics to fashion accessories to food packaging, exploiting different 3D printing technologies and a variety of polymeric materials, to achieve efficient results quickly, on complex shapes, batches and large-format structures. “3D printing is the most advantageous system for quickly obtaining aesthetic and functional prototypes”,Manuel Pianalto, the owner of 4Type, says:“Indeed, the work of a service like ours supports an increasingly rapid and demanding industrial productivity, both in terms of shape and performance on the finished product. Our contribution allows engineers and designers to define and redefine a new object with the greatest precision and the shortest possible time, exploiting solutions that optimise the product, both in terms of weight and in terms of functionality and aesthetics”. 

And of course, the challenge is always to respond to even the most unusual requests, ever more quickly, both to meet the immediate needs of customers and to push one’s own company towards an increasingly optimised and functional offer.

4type | 3ntr
Stampanti 3d A2
4type | 3ntr

The time to choose new additive solutions: sophisticated in performance but simple to use

It is exactly when an additive manufacturing service wants to increase its potential as a supplier that it has to choose new 3D printers.

And of course it is a crucial moment, because it has to match a major investment with many bets for the future, and it is crucial that the different needs and the effectiveness of the results are aligned at this time.

We got to know 3ntr through some online research,’ says Pianalto, ‘but if we chose it as a partner, it is above all because what the company talks about on the web finds a real correspondence in its products: FDM 3D printers, sophisticated in performance but simple to use, which also allow large prints without exaggerating in cost”.

So 4Type opted to purchase two 3D printers from 3ntr: an A2v4 and an A2v3, both for large format and small batch production: “Since 2019, 3ntr’s 3D printers have also allowed us to produce components that we could not achieve with other 3D printing technologies already in our lab. We have thus been able to produce large objects in ASA and ABS FAST, for example, for the validation of specific designs, Iglidur for self-lubricating sliding parts, TPU in the production of footwear elements, or ABS HD for food containers. All this while maintaining high quality, even on large formats, fast turnaround times and low costs”

4type | 3ntr
Stampanti 3d A2
4type | 3ntr
4type | 3ntr
ABS grande formato

4Type’s greatest satisfaction with 3ntr’s 3D printers?

A large working area, which allows monolithic components to be produced without having to cut and assemble, with time-consuming post-production work“, Pianalto says.

So, just as a 3D printing service is sought after by those who want to perform fast and efficient revisions, production and replacements, so the same service seeks out the most advanced industrial 3D printing technologies, to respond as effectively as possible to industry, with prototypes, pre-series, samples and batches of ready-to-use components.

And that is why 4Type has chosen to have 3ntr among its partners, which makes speed, versatility and functionality the flagship of its 3D printers.

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