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Large size and excellent finish, prototype of the wind blade by Pietro Pozzi Design is made with 3ntr 3D printers!

Exploiting the qualities of 3ntr’s A2v4 printer, Pietro Pozzi Design studio conceives and realises products and prototypes with excellent technical and aesthetic qualities. 

Like the wind blade over 3 metres in height

There are now countless 3D printing services for prototyping and production, offering good quality components. When, however, one is looking for a complete service, starting with the analysis of the design file to a surface finish of absolute excellence, the range of options narrows considerably.

To this second category belongs Pietro Pozzi Design of Modena (Italy), a multidisciplinary studio that deals with both product and interior design.

Pozzi Design | 3ntr
Pozzi Design | 3ntr

In search of total quality

Pietro Pozzi Design studio stands out for the care taken in the management of projects that entrusted to them. “The files submitted to us are not always optimised – explains Pietro Pozzi, owner of the studio – Sometimes we have to revise certain details, while in other cases we suggest changes to the client that can make a considerable difference from the point of view of geometries, printability or subsequent finishing”.

And it is precisely the finishing that sets Pietro Pozzi Design studio apart from most other companies on the market.

Depending on requirements, we can provide prototypes with finishes comparable to those obtainable with injection moulding or CNC machining, or smooth, sandblasted or even painted surfaces with the same quality that can be obtained by a car body builder, relying on specialised workshops. In any case, whether functional pieces or not, we can make them aesthetically perfect as well”.

A2v4, a printer that exceeds expectations

In this quest for excellence, Pietro Pozzi Design studio has found a valuable ally in 3ntr’s A2v4 3D printer: a printer capable of producing parts up to 600x325x500 mm and able to use simultaneously different materials and colours.

This printer proved indispensable in the production of a scale prototype of a wind turbine commissioned by Northern Power Systems, a company that develops and builds solutions for the production of renewable energy.

Given the size of the prototype, it was necessary to use all the working volume of the printer: the model of the pylon blade exceeds 3 metres in height and weighs approximately 6 kg, while the engine cutaway is 2.3 metres long, 1 metre high and required 25 kg of material. Of course, they were divided into different pieces that were assembled, but whenever possible we took advantage of the large volume of the A2v4 to make large parts. The materials used are ABS and ASA, the latter aesthetically better and more suitable for subsequent finishing. At the end of the printing, the parts had exactly the desired characteristics: it may seem an obvious detail, but with additive manufacturing this is not always the case”.

Speaking of size, printing large parts requires some care and machines capable of ensuring a stable process.

In this case the printing time varied from a few hours for the simplest parts to 3 days for the largest and most complex ones. With small-diameter nozzles, which are useful for maximising print quality and reducing subsequent post-production work, it is essential to have a high-performance and reliable machine. Without the A2v4 3D printer, there would have been a very high risk of printer blockage”.

Pozzi Design | 3ntr
Pozzi Design | 3ntr
Pozzi Design | 3ntr

A winning choice

For his own studio, Pietro Pozzi was looking for a 3D printer that also offered other practical qualities.

Like simple handling of the part once the print is finished: thanks to the patented carbon base, detaching the parts is quick and easy.

In addition, the ability to print different materials makes the A2v4 ideal to meet the needs of multiple projects. Such as the ability to print soluble media, a feature that greatly simplifies the production of complex parts and the subsequent removal of media.

Last but not least, the opportunity to mould in multi-material, as if it were a part made by co-injection moulding. This feature has proved to be extremely useful in the development of product design, creating almost finished and functional objects.  “We found in 3ntr’s A2v4 printer and dealer support Bologna 3D the ideal tools for our needs. Certainly the technical characteristics leave us ample room for even more complex or challenging projects in the futurePietro Pozzi concluded.

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