HEPA / VOC filter for 3D printers
No matter what 3D polymer you are printing with, even the safest and most bio-based ones will emit micro and nano-particles.

The filter unit F1 for 3ntr 3D printers is equipped with a industrial HEPA filter and a activated carbon filter and is designed to minimize the emission of both nano particles (over 0.5 micron) and volatile organic compounds, for a healthier work environment.

Italian 3D printer filter

We have not accepted compromises: the filter cartridges of the F1 unit are produced in Italy, for truly reliable performance.

The quality is verified according to the BIA HI / 487 guidelines.

Universal 3D printer filter

F1 is the filter compatible with all 3ntr 3D printers, A2 and A4.

Its installation is also very simple: adding an F1 filter unit to any 3ntr printer requires no special skills (you just need to know how to use a screwdriver).

The F1 filter unit can also be housed in a STORM modular unit.

They print with 3ntr