3ntr and Jdeal-Form

For over 60 years we have been providing manufacturing solutions with a win-to-win model, evolving technology to grow, listening to and respecting the needs of our customers.

Thanks to a continuous research and analysis process, we develop 3D printing systems precise and reliable for industry, which guarantee maximum freedom of production even on the most complex markets.

Jdeal-Form is the native brand of the company founded almost 60 years ago by Josè Ardizzoia, to produce small metal parts for corsetry.

Over the years, with the entry into the company of the sons Davide and Ilaria, the evolution is constituted by the continuous use of new technologies, which have allowed constant development and the achievement of a position important on the market, despite foreign competition.

We have built our machines using ultrasonic cutting, induction heating, micronized polymers, laser cutting, PLCs, image processing, linear motors.

This is where 3ntr is born.

3ntr COO, 50 years ago
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The 3D printing of 3ntr

How did we get to 3D printers? We ourselves had the need to 3D print mechanical parts , but our suppliers at the time were unable to meet our requests, inevitably slowing down production.

We thus built, internally, our first 3D printer, achieving the desired results.

It was not long before friends, suppliers and customers, interested in 3D printing and the results obtained, asked us for copies.

So we brought our 3D printers for the first time to Rome in 2013, on the occasion of MakerFaire, thus starting an exciting and incredible journey!

Our business philosophy

We don’t want to rewrite the laws of polymer physics, what we do is build 3D printing systems at their best , with passion and knowledge of the industrial production market and technological development, but especially with the focus on customer needs and their satisfaction as the primary objective.

Day by day we collect feedback that allow us to constantly grow and improve : currently there are hundreds of 3ntr 3D printers installed and operational all over the world and several of our customers have installed multiple printers 3D in the same factory. Also for this reason we are sure we can offer you a solid, safe and competitive advantage.

We speak your language and respect your work: compare the ease of use and reliability of our 3D printers with any other system and decide with complete freedom. Contact us.

They print with 3ntr: