Spectral 30

For 3D printing at maximum performance
SPECTRAL 30 is the 3ntr platform created to address the most complex markets and the most extreme challenges of manufacturing with an eye to the future.

SPECTRAL 30 is equipped with development and temperature control systems such as to guarantee the printing of very high performance superpolymers such as Peek Peak, Ultem, PPS with extraordinary results for functionality and aesthetics, also thanks to the control of the kinematics.
Spectral front

Careful handling of materials

Additive manufacturing with high performance polymers requires proper care.

In SPECTRAL 30 there are 4 units VENTO to manage the drying of the filament with minimum energy, protecting it over time himself from any contamination.

In fact, no other machine on the market can use up to 4 extruders in the same very high temperature print (250°C).
print volume
Nozzles Nozzles / chamber
max temperature
XYZ mechanical
Min / max thickness
of the layer
Dimensions and weight
300x300x300 mm 4 500°C / 250°C 0,005 mm 0,1 / 0,6 mm 1158(L)x882(P)x1788(H) mm
Peso: 400 Kg

High temperature 3D printing

spectral heating bed

SPECTRAL 30 offers maximum thermal performance with high-performance polymers: it reaches chamber temperatures for Ultem ™ in less than 30 minutes while the nozzles can touch peek temperatures in less than 3 minutes.

SPECTRAL 30 is second to none: compare us to other systems on the market, we are of a superior class.

Continuous monitoring

A simple operator panel allows you to gain full control over the functionality of the SPECTRAL 30 printing system.

The built-in webcam allows remote monitoring of the machine, while clear reporting is provided by SSI, our 3D printing software.

Extensive reporting

SPECTRAL 30 is able to provide a detailed document showing all the data collected during the printing process.

Integration with the corporate information flow is now fully possible, but this is just the tip of the iceberg: contact us , we will satisfy all your needs.

Innovation and compatibility

Thanks to SPECTRAL 30 we can handle any of the variants of PEEK / PEKK / PEI / PAEK / PPSU available on the market today, with their respective soluble supports or breakaway.

For the future we are ready to use the new polymers that will come with even more advanced performance and this without the need for additional usage licenses.

SPECTRAL 30 and UE Cleansky

SPECTRAL 30 is a joint project between 3ntr and Rescoll, within the framework of the EU Cleansky program.

We at 3nt took care of the hardware, while Rescoll took care of the printing materials.

Airbus, a European multinational aircraft manufacturer, was part of the EU Cleansky program as a project validator partner.

They print with 3ntr