SSI 2024: Professional slicing software for 3D printing

SSI 2024 is the evolution of SSI, the first smart slicer interface software entirely developed by 3ntr for professional 3D printing, combined with the A2, A4, A4SP, Spectral30 and Sequoia 3D printers.

SSI 2024 is designed to make the use of 3ntr 3D printers easier and more functional at the same time and can handle simple or complex processes with just a few clicks and in complete safety.

SSI 2023 | 3ntr

New functions and features of SSI 2024:

  • A new user interface, completely redesigned following the logical flow of use, with hierarchical management of objects in the scene.
  • New functions inserted in the menu, to quickly carry out all preparatory operations in a few clicks.
  • A new 3MF standard, which will replace the STL format, which will still be usable.
  • New possibility of importing STEP and IGES formats
    Total freedom, with the possibility of associating different print and support parameters for each object in the scene, each with its own independent adjustments of fill, density, layer thickness, etc.
  • New fills, including gyroidal, hexagonal, triangular and many others, to obtain increasingly high-performance 3D parts.
  • New material data sheets, compiled from internal tests carried out in our laboratory.
  • Immediate access to application notes.
SSI 2024 | 3ntr
SSI 2024 | 3ntr

SSI 2024: software for multi-material 3D printing

Unlike single extruder 3D printers, 3ntr printers can simultaneously handle multiple polymers within a single printing process.
The SSI 2024 software blocks the use of incompatible polymers and the setting of incorrect parameters, guaranteeing significant time and material savings. Assign each part of your 3D print to the polymer of your choice: with SSI 2024, you can print in multi-material with ease and obtain functional components with the expected characteristics on the first try, with exciting results.

SSI 2023 | 3ntr
SSI 2023 | 3ntr

In addition, SSI 2024 guarantees:

Reliability and peace of mind: all parameters managed by the SSI 2024 have been tested for months and receive daily updates.

SSI 2024, in combination with 3ntr’s 3D printers, is unrivalled: with the combination of reliable machinery and constantly updated software you will achieve excellent ROI values.

Print report

SSI 2024 creates print reports suitable both in the service environment for issuing quotations and in the industrial environment for documenting production activity.

Remote 3D printer management

SSI 2024 is a comprehensive printing software that also incorporates the ability to manage your 3D printers whether they are a few metres away or in another time zone.

Share the workload as you wish, on any available machine, and via a webcam constantly monitor printing activity.

The software and printing parameters receive daily updates: SSI 2024 users always work at their best!

SSI 2024 | 3ntr

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