Drying unit

Simplicity and effectiveness of natural elements combined with the most efficient control technologies: this is VENTO, the complete drying unit for 3D printers.

The VENTO unit is built to handle any polymer , with drying profiles designed to achieve the best result in the shortest possible time and with the lowest energy consumption. Thanks to the dew point control it enables authentic industrial performance .
Constant attention to consumption and performance
Situation monitored in real time!

Power and efficiency

VENTO is equipped with a powerful 920 W heater, capable of rapidly reaching drying temperature.

The internal components of our dryer are made of stainless steel for a long life.

VENTO is an easy-to-use tool: thanks to the integrated touch screen it is able to provide real-time monitoring of the drying parameters and set the process parameters.

The drying profiles maximize efficiency: they achieve the best result by minimizing the consumption of electricity.
Weight Voltage Max temperature Peak power Average power
25 Kg 230 Vac 115° C 920 W 85 W

Compact size 3D dryer

Compact, but can use up to 5 Kg of reels: thanks to VENTO prints 5 times longer without pause for reel change.

VENTO easily finds space next to 3ntr 3D printers thanks to the STORM unit.

They print with 3ntr