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Our story

We are just passionate people

Jdeal-Form was founded almost 60 years ago by Josè Ardizzoia, to produce metal bra components.

During the years, the founder sons Ilaria and Davide joined the company bringing continuous quest for technological improvement, permitting constant growth despite foreign competitors using way cheaper labour costs.

We built machines using ultrasonic cutting, induction heating, micronized polymer powders, laser cutting, PLCs, image processing, linear motors.

3ntr COO, 50 years ago

Why 3d printing, then ?

How we got there

At a certain point, we started sourcing 3D printed parts for our machinery: the service bureau supplying us was not fast enough, slowing down our production process.

We therefore decided to build our own system: it worked, after few weeks of tinkering, giving us expected results.
Customers, suppliers and friends saw it, and were interested.

We decided to attend MakerFaire Rome 2013 and that was the beginning of an amazing ride!

3d printer assembling

We speak your language and respect your business

People whom listen to the customers

We don’t rewrite polymer physics: what we do is building machines at the best of our knowledge on the technological and automation developement, with the customer satisfaction as primary target.

We grow also with the feedbacks from customers using our machine for years.

Compare the ease of use and output of our systems to anything out there, then decide.

our team


You won’t be our guinea pig

Hundreds of systems printing around the world.
We have many customers with several installed machines at the same site.

We offer you solid, safe and competitive advantage.

industrial strength

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