Spectral 30 EN

Level up

Reach PEEK performance

Spectral30 is the 3ntr platform created to address the most complex markets and the most extreme challenges of next-gen manufacturing.
Equipped with powerful electronics and temperature control systems to ensure the printing of high-performance superpolymers such as Peek Peak, Ultem, PPS, with extraordinary results for functionality and aesthetics, thanks to the control of kinematics.

For more than 60 years what distinguishes and makes 3ntr – JdealForm is the ability to understand the moment, know and meet its technological needs by aiming to the maximum, always keeping the level of expertise high and continuously investing in technology and Learning.

We listen carefully to the needs of our customers and turn them into products that work.
Today all this translates into a clear and clear advantage: the freedom of the customer to use our systems even in the most complicated productions and in high-tech markets such as Aerospace, Racing, Automotive & Oil and Gas.

Spectral front

Careful handling

Made in italy

Additive manufacturing with high performance polymers requires adequate care.
Four VENTO units manage filament drying with the least energy consumption, while protecting them from any contamination.

Four nozzles can offer infinite possibilities to manufacture new innovative parts: no othes additive platform can offer this!

Hot performances

Cook some ketones!

When dealing with powerful polymers, you want no hidden pitfalls or system limitations.

Spectral 30 has very good thermal performances, reaching Ultem(tm) chamber temperatures in less than 30 minutes.

Nozzles reach PEEK temps in less than three minutes!

Compare to other systems: we are into a class apart.

spectral heating bed

You're in control

Since 2014

A sleek graphic user interface lets you get complete control over machine functionalities.

Easy to understand, no math degree needed to use it.

Built-in webcam lets you keep check printing job status from afar.

Films or tray?

You choose

Spectral can use magnetic trays or films held in place with vacuum.

Our custom carbon fiber trays are easier to use, way less polluting the environment, and will pay for themselves after a couple of months of regular use.

spectral carbocement tray

Extensive reporting

Document everything

After the printing process is completed, Spectral will give you a document reporting all the data concerning the part just printed.

Integration with factory document flow is now real!

But this is just the tip of the iceberg – contact us today to know more!

Spectral is compatible

Future proof

We can handle any of the PEEK / PEKK / PEI / PAEK / PPSU variants available on the market today, along with available breakaway or soluble supports.

We are ready to use new polymer to be released with higher performances: you won’t be framed into licensing fee to use any new one.

We never charged for freedom of choice, and never will.

We worked HARD

Team work

Spectral is a joint effort between 3ntr and Rescoll, under the EU Cleansky initiative: 3ntr has been the hardware supplier, Rescoll the polymer research partner.

Airbus has been the project validation manager.

We refined the design to meet stringent requirements and raise the expectations levels!

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