The perfect match

Everything you need to get perfection

Storm is the perfect match to 3ntr machines: it groups into one sleek package all the functions that are needed for uninterrupted service.

Storm is modular: you can start with a basic pedestal and add later on the required optionals.

Correct polymer handling

For laser-sharp prints

Storm unit can host up to three VENTO units: this way you will be keeping the filament spools away from the three polymer killers: humidity, UV and dust.
The smart electronics on each unit will keep polymer at crispy conditions without running the risk of damaging it with excessive heat.
Vento units are smart, they will use the least energy to keep polymer at the best printing conditions without any risk!


See from afar, with your PC or smartphone

Power is useless if you can’t control it.
Storm can be supplied with a print server that lets you put control of the printer in the hands of anyone you want in your network.
Use the print server webcam to monitor the print job status.
Keep a localized print job repository for your team, and see print stats online!


Never stop printing!

3KW UPS to keep printer and networking alive during power outages.

Professional printing can’t tolerate power outages: part will shrink in a cold print area!

Keep away also power surges that can damage electronics!

Safe environment

Emission filtering

STORM has a dedicated bay for F1 filtering unit: the HEPA/VOC filter will avoid environmental dispersion of powder and fumes.

3ntr machines are closed boxes therefore lessening the environmantal dispersion, yet to reach utter safety levels we recommend deploying F1 units on our printers.


See for yourself

All the relevant controls are on the front of the unit, at immediate reach: you can see immediately the situation on each VENTO unit.

No special skills needed – touch LCDs are easy to read and understand!

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