Simplicity and effectiveness of natural elements combined with the most efficient control technologies. This is VENTO, the complete Dryer Unit.


Built to handle any polymer (except PLA and PETG), with drying profiles conceived to reach good results in shortest time with least energy.
Easy-to-use touch screen gives you real time monitoring of drying parameters!
Dew point monitoring assures real industrial performances: regardless of the polymer in use


Yet, it can use up to 5 Kg spools: 5x longer prints without pausing for spool change.


Built-in NFC reader to automatically set optimal drying parameters: you can override them with manual control.
Drying profiles are conceived to minimize energy costs.


A very powerful heater (920 W) to quickly reach desired drying temperature. Inner parts made with stainless steel to last a lifetime!


Graph of the drying process gives you immediate feedback.
Touch screen lets you easily set any process parameter.


Drying profiles are tuned for efficiency, reaching good results without massive use of energy.
We care for this planet: VENTO needs no consumables, has a very low carbon footprint and its use minimizes waste (greatly reduced defective prints).